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Office: (949)385-2703


Here’s the bottom line, right at the top:  

Hire me to increase sales!

Hire me, and together we’ll generate more sales and a business that represents your inspiration and ingenuity while building revenues, commercial exposure and the chance to earn the income that you deserve.

I will help you:

• Position yourself as an expert or your company as an industry leader

• Fully capitalize your skills and talents

• Harmoniously integrate your personal and professional lives

• Smoothly and profitably manage career transitions

• Speed up sales growth

I’ve been an entrepreneurial and business development coach and consultant for over ten  years. Typically, my clients are entrepreneurs and businesses who wish to generate $100K to $1M for their annual personal income. I’m hired by people with all levels of business experience.

Clients hire me to benefit from my expertise in such areas as:

• Personal and company branding

• Sales and marketing

• Business Psychology

• Strategy

• Digital Marketing

There is a personal philosophy that underlies all I do to assist entrepreneurs. It can be summed up in the phrase, “The one with the more choices, Wins.”

I believe more choices become available when awareness is raised around possibilities. Sometimes, it takes an outside perspective to uncover those possibilities through thought partnership and brainstorming. When entrepreneurs know themselves and get their needs met, they build sustainable businesses, contribute value to the marketplace and prosper personally.

The most valuable piece of equipment in an entrepreneur’s business is the entrepreneur himself. Entrepreneurs who know themselves, how to meet their needs, what makes them tick, what gives them energy, what drains their energy – they do the best.

Those who have to rely on their personal brand –  because they’re in a personality-dominated business – become really good rainmakers. They’re also good at creating a sustainable business that will last a lifetime or longer.

The whole key is knowing themselves. Understanding their market and understanding how they, in the context of the market, can contribute value. That helps the entrepreneur determine how they can extract the value they’ve earned from the marketplace.

I will help you do just that.