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Reputed Brand vs. Sales Force and Six Social Media Branding Principles

2015 is started and we’ve identified our resolution for this year. Organizations and manufacturers defined strategies and they are going to start soon. For those companies who needs sales force to sell their products or services, this year is going to be different. The speed of Innovation, access to experts and world’s market are getting attached to technology and social media networks have changed the branding concepts a lot.

The business environment is not like years ago when sales force has the main role to sell companies’ products or services because of branding in the new technology world. Social media like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter have changed the branding principles a lot. Usually, sales forces act like a buffer between your company and market. They are the face of your company by presenting your products and services, their knowledge, their personality and the way they approach to prospects to introduce and present your brand.

Look at number one companies in any market and you’ll find they possess a position in the consumer’s mind. They have completely distinguished themselves from the rest of the competition in the market and they did it without using their sales force. Branding is generating that personality niche in the consumer’s psyche and owning it. You can use your sales force to empower it but you can’t make it only by what they do in their sales meeting. More than just marketing, branding is the complete outcome that creates a memorable identity. A winning branding plan is also based on differentiating yourself as unique; this is one of the points that sales force can help you to make this differentiation. Successful branding creates awareness that there is no other product, service, organization or community quite like yours. Whether the difference is a result of function, form, simplicity of use, price or reputation, the consumer believes you offer something excellent.

Whether you are part of a nonprofit organization or a growing business, you should be thinking about branding. Sales force should be a part of your branding plans especially when it comes to sell high tech products or service. Brand yourself well and let your sales team do the same. Take control of your image. The next time your name shows up in advertisement or at an event, it will invoke the brand qualities you created and get the desired awareness in the mind of the consumer and market. That's the power of branding and weakness of sales force.

Every day, the number of social media members increase and it means you have better chance to get social with more percentage of the market.  How does good branding happen by using social media? From a business standpoint, branding in the social media is similar to branding on the market. An effective social media branding plan is designed to differentiate your image from all the other competitors in the market, even if all other products or services on the market seem to look very much alike. You have better tools to talk with your customers directly and give them what they are looking for about those ranges of services or products. A successful social media branding program is based on singularity. It makes a consumer perception that there is no product or service on the market quite like yours. Here is Six Social Media Branding Principles I favorite more:

I have identified six fundamental qualities of a good social media branding program. I'm sure there are more, but these are my favorites:

1. Keep It Simple: one big idea is the best. You just want to be in their mind, so you have to try to make a clear and simple image for your brand by the most powerful product or service that you have.

2. Number of sharing and the engagement level of people with your social media networks build brands.

3. Focused brands are more attractive in all networks. Having focused plan on your golden service or product makes your brand more powerful than diffused brands.

4. Somehow, you have to be different and let your follower know about it very clear.

5. Quality is very important, but the perception of quality is the most important elements in social media branding. Use real testimonial and make trust by other people experience for your new customers.

6. When you want to make your brand by social media, be patient. Building a strong brand takes time.

Navid Noor - 1/1/2015

What Is a Business Development Consultant?

A business development consultant is a person or company that helps new business owners create their businesses. In addition to helping owners with the creation of their business, they might also assist them in the day-to-day operations. Some of the tasks completed by this individual are business start-up, marketing strategy development, brand marketing, client development and deal closing.

Consultants often help with business start-ups. They might assist with items such as start-up budgets, business plans, and any other items that might be necessary to get a fledgling business off the ground. Their relationship with the new business might end there after having just covered the basics, or it might continue on to other activities.

Development of a marketing strategy is another area covered by a business development consultant. Many businesses struggle with devising ways to effectively market their business to prospective clients. A consultant can use his or her knowledge and expertise to guide the business owner in creating a marketing plan that will generate a great deal of new business.

Many companies have a logo, which is part of their brand. Consultants might help a business further develop their band by suggesting changes, new ways of using the brand, or create an entirely new brand identity all together. Sometimes, this can be the single most effective change a business can make.

Most businesses have printed materials and websites. The consultant can assist with writing and editing these pieces of marketing materials. They might be able to suggest changes that can make the pieces better, or they might be able to point out mistakes that show a less-than-professional tone.

Many sales businesses use business development consultants to help generate leads and show them how to do so. In a business such as sales, lead generation can make or break a company. Having someone show a business owner how to successfully acquire this key piece of information is very important.

In addition to showing a business how to find clients, a consultant can also show a business how to close a deal. It is important to find new clients, but it is also vital to have the knowledge and expertise necessary to close deals with those same clients. The consultant can show a company ways to do this that it might not have thought of previously.

A successful story of re-branding. Welcome to Flavor Country

I think most people know Absolut Vodka very well and they can find it in many store easily, but for the record, let’s have a look at this brand History: Introduced in 1879 in Sweden and imported into the U.S. in 1979; packaging based on a medicine bottle goes supernova with the series of Absolut ads in the 1980s; becomes one of the top brands of spirits around the world; is owned by French group Pernod Ricard; Introduced its first flavored vodka, Absolut Pepper, in 1986. Since then, Absolut has introduced over ten more flavors, like peach, mango, vanilla, and, most recently, hibiscus.