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Navid Noor grew up in Tehran, Iran. His father was a Human Statistical Expert. Navid studied and received his Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from IAU Tehran Engineering University. After graduating from IAU, his first job was with a German company, Rothenberger Industrial Tools Division. He then attended business school and received his Master’s Degree in Management from KAR University. A short time after starting his master’s degree, Navid began his work in sales for American and European Medical and Laboratory manufacturers HOLOGIC, BD, CECIL, DANI, GENETIX and BUCK SCIENTIFIC.

Navid was recruited by Takapo in 2005. He was named head of the marketing department and CEO Representative of the firm, in 2008. He was head of business development from December 2009, and then became managing director of Takapo’s sister company, SIMPA RAD in June 2012.


As a business development consultant Navid helps new business owners create their businesses. In addition he might also assist them in the day-to-day operations. Some of the tasks completed by him are business start-up plans, marketing strategy development, business development, brand marketing, digital marketing, event management and client development.

with a business start up, he assists with items such as budgets, business plans, marketing plan, branding, online campaign and any other items that might be necessary to get a fledgling business off the ground. Navid’s relationship with the new business may end there after having just covered the basics or it might continue on to other activities.

Development of a marketing strategy is another area covered by Navid. Many businesses struggle with devising ways to effectively market their business to prospective clients. Navid can utilize his knowledge and expertise to guide the business owner in creating a marketing plan that will generate a great deal of new business.

Many companies have a logo, which is part of their brand. Navid helps a business further develop their band by suggesting changes, new ways of using the brand, or by creating an entirely new brand identity all together. Sometimes, this can be the single most effective change a business can make to effect a market today.

Navid is a business executive whose expert strategic business planning, leadership and team development skills have led organizations through turnaround situations such as labor difficulties and strikes, as well as the revitalization of old manufacturing plants.

Distinguished by his passion for business, Navid started PurpleZ over 1 year ago to offer his varied experience and broad knowledge to help business leaders directly improve their businesses and increase their success. Guided by his very direct and client goal attainment approach, which is focused on the bottom line, Navid has led companies to breakthrough results. During the severely economically challenging business cycle of 2008-2011, he coached companies to double digit growth, and two to over 100% growth year after year. Over the last 5 year period, he has proudly brought one company to a 150% growth.

During his 10 years of experience, Navid has used his results-oriented style to develop strategic action plans for increasing profitability through increased sales and lower costs. He has used various problem solving and quality methodologies to optimize processes and simplify delivering goods and services at a higher level of quality and performance. His strong, communicative, hands-on, leadership style has been critical to the development of high performance management teams and highly motivated work forces.

Navid currently resides in Irvine, California and is highly involved in his local community. He is also a member of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.


Navid is an entrepreneur and business development expert. He has spoken to hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses around the globe and has helped them build businesses with his proven strategies from the trenches. Navid helps companies make more money by transferring the way they think about their business specially from marketing wise -- unleashing their potential -- so they can soar to new heights.


Chemical Engineering

Bachelor’s degree IAU Tehran Engineering University


Master’s degree at Management from KAR University.

The Contribution of Psychoanalysis to Organization and Management

2010 Tehran University